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Celebrating Menstrual Hygiene Day 2024 - Period Parties & Breaking Taboos!

Men and Women equally participate in Sanitation First's Period Parties!


At Sanitation First India, our mission to uplift the menstrual health and well-being of vulnerable women and girls, through education, sustainable products, and promoting health seeking behaviour. This Menstrual Hygiene Day 2024, we are thrilled to highlight the incredible work being done to support these women through our vibrant and educational "Period Parties."

Sanitation workers proudly displaying their menstrual bracelets

#### Kicking Off with Sanitation Workers of Tambaram Municipality

We began our Menstrual Hygiene Day celebrations with the amazing sanitation workers of Tambaram Municipality. Despite their challenging working conditions and long shifts, these women deserve to have comfortable and happy periods. Our "Period Party" was a fun-filled awareness session covering crucial topics such as menstrual health, safe waste handling, hand hygiene, and the importance of avoiding substance abuse. This event was not just about education; it was about empowerment and creating a supportive environment for all.

Women listening with rapt attention to period education in Malayadi Nagar

#### Embracing Sustainable Menstrual Practices in Malayadi Nagar

On Day 2, our Period Party reached the Leprosy Colony in Malayadi Nagar, Vandalur. This colony, originally established to isolate those diagnosed with leprosy, is now home to their children and grandchildren. Despite initial hesitance, smiles bloomed as we engaged in discussions on puberty and menstruation. We distributed menstrual bracelets, reusable antimicrobial Safepads, and SuperTowels in our goody bags, and committed to mentoring and supporting these individuals over the next year, empowering them to embrace sustainable menstrual practices.

#### Joyful Celebrations at the Sri Lankan Rehabilitation Camp in Sevaloor, Sivakasi

On Day 3, our Period Party continued at the Sri Lankan Rehabilitation camp in Sevaloor, Sivakasi. Laughter, games, and education filled the air as women who predominantly work in the firecracker units proudly wore menstrual bracelets, danced to the period song, and learned about menstrual hygiene. Sanitation First India’s inclusive Happy Periods programme has already reached over 150,000 women and girls, breaking taboos and ensuring access to menstrual education and sustainable menstrual resources.

Girls breaking balloons containing taboos

#### Breaking Taboos in Thanjavur

On Day 5, the Period Party made its way to the vibrant city of Thanjavur, where women heads of households, HIV/AIDS prevention peer educators, and Children's Club leaders from eight panchayats gathered. Led by our Training Specialist Velliangiri Nanjundamoorthi, the session was a celebration of empowerment and education. Our Period Parties are gender neutral as we actively engage men in conversations about menstruation, both as trainers and as participants. The women engaged in activities symbolizing the breaking of taboos surrounding menstruation, playing games, and dancing, all while learning about menstrual health. Men actively participated, cheering on the party as spouses and parents, reinforcing our belief that open conversations about menstruation involving all genders are crucial in breaking stigma and fostering inclusivity.

#### Celebrating with Anganwadi Workers in Thirupathur District

On 28th May 2024, the 10th year of Menstrual Hygiene Day, our celebrations continued with the incredible Anganwadi workers of Thirupathur and Kanthili blocks. Despite a long day, these super women danced and partied with gusto, learning crucial information about menstruation. At Sanitation First India & our parent organisation The Cycle UK, we believe the party doesn’t stop here. Every day is dedicated to women's health, particularly menstrual health through their life cycle.

Women joyfully display symbols of creating a period friendly world

### Amplifying the Conversation Around Menstrual Health

We are dedicated to breaking taboos and ensuring dignified menstruation for all through menstrual education, sustainable period-friendly infrastructure, products and facilities, creating trained professionals, research, and advocacy. Join us in spreading awareness, breaking the taboo around menstruation, and ensuring that every individual has access to the knowledge and resources needed for a healthy and dignified period. Together, let’s #BreakTheTaboo and #EndPeriodPoverty.